RescueFlow® (7.5% sodium chloride and 6% dextran 70) is a novel Small Volume Resuscitation drug indicated for the initial treatment of hypovolaemia with hypotension induced by traumatic injury.

The new concept of Small Volume Resuscitation consists of combining the rapid plasma volume effect of hypertonic saline with a colloid's water-binding properties.

RescueFlow® is administered as a single 250 ml dose intravenously, as the initial treatment after primary stabilization of respiration and bleeding. Treatment should be followed by immediate administration of isotonic fluids, dosed according to the needs of the patient.

The increase in intravascular volume provided by 250 ml of RescueFlow® has been found to be two to three times the infused volume, similar to the increase in volume resulting from intravenous administration of three liters of crystalloid solution.

RescueFlow® is also being investigated for use in traumatic brain injury (TBI).

RescueFlow® is approved and/or marketed in several countries around the world including the Nordic countries, France, UK, South Africa, South Korea, Israel and Turkey.

Pack size:

PVC plastic bags containing: 6 x 250 ml.

The bag is provided with a PVC twist-off connector and a PVC tube.